About Me

Photo of Phil George I am a web developer and technical architect based in Melbourne, Australia, working for Virgin Pulse (formerly "Get The World Moving").

Over the past 9 years I have grown my company's major product offering from a small website with 40,000 Australian users into a solution that serves half a million users worldwide. It is now a distributed, highly available, cloud-hosted service provided via multiple websites and mobile apps.

  • I know how to operate motivated, productive and successful development teams, from my personal experience of implementing agile practices and continuous delivery.
  • I design resilient, cloud-based solution architectures, with specific deep knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • My programming skills are primarily ASP.NET using C#, regularly extending into HTML, Javascript, CSS and SQL.

I have a particular passion for coding that goes the extra mile - be that fantastic usability, ultra fault tolerance, efficient high scaling, or whatever the next challenge I face calls for.

I attend various tech meet ups in Melbourne and I'm a long standing member of my local school e-Learning sub committe, helping them navigate the tricky waters of modern technology.

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